Emov space in Tecnópolis

3 Jan - POR EMOV
Thousands of people visited our Emov Space in Tecnópolis 2017, an informative and entertaining proposal to discover the benefits of bicycles and electric vehicles.

In the context of what was the proposal for 2017 of the biggest tech park on South America, “Tecnopolis”, the Emov Space was developed, an informative and playful proposal, which, through virtual reality, was proposed to inform about the benefits of bicycles and electric vehicles.

Between May and October, the park received more than 3,000,000 visitors. At the same time, the Schools visit brought 350,000 primary and secondary students from different cities of Buenos Aires to the campus. Only in winter vacations, the park received 1,359,057 visits.
There were thousands of students who learned about the impact of new technologies on personal transport, through the playfulness and the experiential experience generated by virtual reality.

We are pleased to have one of the few private companies in the country to have a presence in the famous technology park, honoring its founding purpose: to disseminate and serve as a contest for national SMEs and entrepreneurs to show their developments.

A pride to kick and serve as a model for this type of national incentives to be repeated. We promise to return, with another new and educational proposal.

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Emov was present at the Dakar 2017 to accompany the Acciona team and Ariel Jaton, who make up the team of the first ELECTRIC car in history to complete this competition of more than 5000mi.

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