11 Jan - POR EMOV
Emov was present at the Dakar 2017 to accompany the Acciona team and Ariel Jaton, who make up the team of the first ELECTRIC car in history to complete this competition of more than 5000mi.

Our bikes accompanied the team throughout the tour and were used in the bivouac (the mobile camp that is located in each destination of the stages).

Ariel Jatón and Tito Rolón got into the history of the Dakar by completing the competition with an electric car, something that had never happened in this rally. The Acciona 100% EcoPowered is the car commanded by the Argentine duo that became the first electric car and zero emissions that ends the Dakar in its 39 editions.

The team, belonging to the Spanish multinational of infrastructures and renewable energies, highlighted on its official site that its 4 × 4 managed to finish the Dakar 2017 being “the only one of the more 18,000 vehicles that have participated in the history of the mythical test without consuming a drop of fuel or emit a single molecule of CO2 “.

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