11 Jan - POR EMOV
EMOV’s CEO Gabriel Muñoz took center stage, alongside Argentina President Mauricio Macri and 24 fellow entrepreneurs, at the launch of the “Entrepreneurs Act”

This exclusive event was held at the Kirchner Cultural Center, with the presence of the President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri and the Minister of Production, Francisco Cabrera, and a room-full of entrepreneurs.

Among many outstanding benefits, this new law allows for a better channel between the State and private entities, which will encourage enterprise growth and development.

Gabriel Muñoz, founder of EMOV, was chosen along with 24 other entrepreneurs to partake on stage. Among those invited, was the “enterprising” Marcos Galperin (CEO of Mercado Libre) and Guibert Andres Englebienne (co-founder of Globant).

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