3 Jan - POR EMOV
Thousands of people visit the interactive space created by EMOV, which exhibits an informative and entertaining proposal to discover the benefits of electric vehicles.

Emov’s interactive space was created for attendees of the biggest tech park in South America. An informative and playful proposal, which, through virtual reality, was designed to inform on the benefits of electric vehicles.

Tecnopolis racked up more than 3,000,000 visitors between the month of May and October. Schools brought in around 350,000 students that traveled from all over the country to attend this expo.

Thousands of students and professionals alike, learned more about the impact of new technologies on personal transport thanks to the experiential experience generated through virtual reality by the EMOV team.

EMOV is proud to be one of the few private companies in the country to attain a presence in the famous technology park. As a team of innovative thinkers, it is a pleasure to be honoring its founding purpose: to disseminate and serve as a contest for national SMEs and entrepreneurs to show their developments.

They promise to return, even stronger this time, with another innovative and educational proposal.

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Emov made an appearance at Dakar 2017 with the Acciona team, the creators of the first ELECTRIC car in history to compete in this challenging week-long off-road rally of 5,600 miles.

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